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Dario Cucci

Hi I am Dario Cucci The Speaker and Sales Coach that can transform your Business around to make more sales.

Dario Cucci is a Sales Coach and Speaker that has been in the industry for over 15 years.

As a Sales Coach and Speaker he transform small business owners mindset and communication skilla to increase their cash flow wihtin their Business making more sales without having to do expensive advertising. 

I have worked with companies such as:

  • 21st Century Education
  • Universal Events
  • Empowernet

And with each of those companies that I applied my mindset and communication strategies I generated them an additional sales revenue of $1,000,000 within the 12 months I worked with them. 

Dario Cucci's Background

Dario Cucci's Experience

NLP Life and Business Coach at Infinite Success Australia

January 2005 - Present

Next to my work as an Actor I have been working as an NLP Coach and Hypnosis Therapist to help people overcome their negative emotions and empower their lifestyle. Currently I work full time for another company as I like to have the luxury of choosing my clients and only coach those that are ready to be coached by me.

Team Leader and Success Coach at 21st Century Education

January 2010 - Present | Melbourne

Currently working with Jamie McIntyre at 21st Century as a Success Coach to help new and existing clients not only expand their mindset about wealth but also have setup investment strategies they can apply such as Shares, Properties and more so they can have a better financial future for themselves.

Senior Sales Consultant and Business Coach at Empowernet-Anthony Robbins Team

August 2008 - April 2009

Selling Anthony Robbins Events over the phone, life and business coaching on the phone, processing order, data entry, fallowing up customers on orders, prospecting, closing sale on phone, promoting events, attend meetings and sales trainings, administration including e-mail and using salesforce program. Comminsure Client Assist in Claims

Team Leader and Sales Executive at Universal Events

April 2008 - April 2009 | Sydney

Selling High End Educational NLP Programs of Chris Howard and other International Speakers.

V Club Sales Executive at V Club

November 2007 - February 2008

Responsibilities Customer Service, product presentation, selling memberships, negotiating, sales meetings, appointment setting, sales marketing, consultant sales, referral marketing, promotions, KPI and production log of own sales and achievements during each month, data entry, follow up on customers, up-sell products.

Personal Trainer and Team Leader at Fitness First

February 2002 - March 2005

Fitness First 2002 - Feb. 05 Personal Trainer and Team Leader Responsibilities Setup of franchise, office work, health assessment and designing health program for client, dealing and recruiting new clients to train on regular base, ongoing sales and fitness training, accounting and data entry, promoting service on the gym floor and over the phone, appointment setting, follow up leads, running referral promotions, finding solutions for clients with health problems and networking with other health professionals, leading and coaching team of personal trainers, holding seminars.

Head Coach and Sales Trainer at Infinite Success Australia

March 2000

With formal training in NLP, NLP Masters, Personal Training, Sales, Marketing and Business Managment, Dario has worked with over 20,000 thousand people, as individuals, couples and groups and is regarded as Australia’s leading male NLP Business, Sales and Self Development Specialist. Dario brings a very straight forward to the point approach with an adaptive level of understanding that he helps business and individuals on a practical level apply the learning’s to achieve results faster without all the fluff stuff that is found in the Sales and Self Development area. his ability is to make sales and personal development gentle, fun, uncomplicated and transforming.

Dario Cucci's Education

Advanced Neuro Dynamics

2003 – 2003

International NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Concentration: NLP, Business Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy

Activities: Studied with Dr. Tad James and certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.

Dario Cucci's Interests & Activities

Acting, Cooking, Sports, Self Development, Music, Internet Marketing

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